SANTA FE ASSOCIATES INTERNATIONAL (SFAI) is a transnational network of accountants and consultants throughout the world. We have over 300 offices in 100 countries, starting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA As a member of the Forum of Firms at IFAC, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of excellence and professional conduct. Our origin goes back to 1943 when President Roosevelt decided to install in Los Alamos Laboratory the most prestigious scientists to produce the Manhattan Project. A lot of Nobel Prize were those scientists, led by Albert Einstein.

In 1980 three Nobel prizes winners left the laboratory to found Santa Fe Institute, the university today considered the cathedral of the complex thinking. In 1997 another three vice-presidents left the institute to found what is today SFAI(, as to be the preeminent network dealing with accounting, tax advisory and management consulting. Our Academic board, integrated by 23 excellent professionals are devoting their full time to think on what is good for our firm as a whole, that is the organization and their member firms.